Akron communities profit from marriage of engineering and art

December 25, 2018 by  

The University of Akron (UA) engineering students in collaboration with Mac Love, local artist and Art x Love owner, is expanding the fun outdoor options available to local kids.

Using money supplied by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation grant, Love endeavored to supply underserved neighborhoods in Akron with playful aquatic features other than community pools. His interactive art, @PLAY, is a 24-neighborhood project designed to bring about deeper connections with the people in the community.

UA engineering student volunteers make up service design teams that provide assistance to non-profit organizations. The design team for Love’s project are building attractions for mobile splash parks.

Volunteer work for non-profit groups is information that college graduates typically want to include on their resumes, which can be professionally printed at local print shops.

Two features the student engineers are building for the mobile splash are a “mushroom waterfall” and a “car wash” each of which were designed specifically for use outdoors. The waterfall shoots a vertical stream of water in the air that then takes the shape of a mushroom as it cascades down. The “car wash” is a corridor of PVC pipes on either side that spray water, which can be used as a slip-and-slide with the addition of a tarp.

Both features will include a connection to be used with a three-fourths-inch hose to supply water from any source to which it can be connected.