Lancaster swim club receives special donation

December 24, 2018 by  

The Oasis Aquatics Swim Club of Lancaster has been chosen to receive a donation for its demonstration of growth and commitment within a harsh economic environment.

Each year, an underprivileged swimming club is selected at Christmas by Laguna Fin Co. of Laguna Beach to donate swim fins for every swimmer in the program.

Oasis began four years ago with only 10 swimmers and no sponsor for their apparel. The swimmers often attended meets with suits that did not match, no gear for the team, and so little team unity. The club was run by Bill Huey who suffered several health-related incidents that affected his ability to coach. Lenin Velasco mentored under Huey and took over as head coach when Velasco passed away early this year. Huey focused on growth and development inside and outside of the program and also on new swimming techniques.

Velasco provide incentives for the kids with a raffle twice a year for their report cards. Better grades from the kids are given extra tickets and bonus tickets for straight As. Velasco said that since he implemented this program the kids have not only improved their swimming techniques but their grades in school as well. Poster printing can be used so people learn more about the progress in such clubs.