Downtown Stockton renovation means bright future

December 24, 2018 by  

A new business recently opened in downtown Stockton and several others are planning to add to the rejuvenation of the downtown area.

The Freckled Moon has been opened by Marie Pease. This is a gift shop that features handcrafted items and has an ambience of the Bay Area. Pease commented that Stockton is her favorite city with its beautiful architecture and many other attractions.

Another, Bearpaw, a Citrus Heights-based boot company, also purchased three buildings in Stockton, spending a total of $4.225 million. Remodeling of its buildings is expected to be completed by the end of the first quarter of next year. There will be 68 rentable units, designed as artist lofts as well as live/work units on the ground floor. Brochure printing is often used to publicize such developments, their features and amenities.

John Richey, general counsel for Bearpaw, said the company felt Stockton was the place to be for new development in the region. The company became enamored with the architecture of the city and the buildings that were purchased specifically.

He added that the company’s projects in the upcoming year will help to create a vote of confidence in the city. As opposed to other affordable housing developments, market rates for the units will be able to be charged to tenants.