Tacoma symphony announces program for children

December 24, 2018 by  

The Mini-Maestros program for 2019 has recently been announced by the Symphony Tacoma.

This program caters to children between the ages of two and eight and their families. There are four concerts in the series and offer close interactions with the musicians and instruments of the Symphony Tacoma. Each concert is 45 minutes long and enables children to get engaged with the music.

Three different families of instruments – strings, brass, and percussion – are highlighted in the first three concerts. The instruments will be introduced by educators from the Symphony Tacoma. They will also explain various musical concepts.

The concepts will be demonstrated by members of the orchestra by songs to which the children can dance, clap their hands, sing, and march. One hour before each concert there will also be an instrument “petting zoo” so that the children can touch and try out the instruments as they are assisted by students form the Tacoma Youth Symphony. These kinds of performances often use poster printing to promote themselves for all members of the family.

The last concert is a performance of Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev and which enable the children to see the different instruments as characters in the classic Russian folk tale. It will be a culmination of all the concepts presented and learned in the previous three concerts and include the entire orchestra.