Two restaurants team up to create crepes in Lebanon

December 22, 2018 by  

The Lebanon Farmers Market has a new treat—crepes. The creations are the idea of Gavin Binner of Dough & Shake and John Sirriannia of Sirro’s Italian Ice, who teamed up to introduce this versatile food to area residents.

Crepes are popular throughout the world but are still unfamiliar to many people in the United States. They are extremely thin pancakes which are baked for a matter of a few seconds, then usually filled, and rolled or folded.

Binner and Sirriannia opened Crepe Central at the Farmers Market in November and hope to make crepes a mainstream dish. They’re serving dessert crepes but are also offering savory ones as well. They’ve divided their menu into three categories: breakfast, lunch and dinner, and dessert.

Breakfast crepes often include various fruits combined with Crepe Central’s own version of cream cheese, a sweet cream used as a filling. Lunch and dinner crepes are usually savory, offering vegetables and one protein, such as their steak, spinach, and mushroom combination. Dessert crepes, of course, are sweet; the flavors Crepe Central has developed include s’mores, and Kit Kat, among others. When new ventures like this open, they can distribute promotional products to build brand awareness.

Binner opened Dough & Shake at the market in April, and Sirriannia arrived in May. They worked together closely, so partnering in the new venture seemed natural.