New park planned for OK City

December 22, 2018 by  

The next park in Oklahoma City will be close of Portland Avenue and NW 150.

One of the main attractions is an oak tree covering the bottom land of Bluff Creek. It is 123 feet wide, 30 feet wide, and a giant compared to the trees around it. Dean A. McGee, a philanthropist and oil tycoon used to own the 130 acres of land, which was called Lone Oak Farms. Lone Oak LLC, developer, donated the undeveloped land next to housing development Lone Oak East.

According to Mark Stonecipher, councilman for Oklahoma City, the McGee family owned the land until 1999 when Loan Oak bought it with the intention of donating it. Citizens in the housing have ideas for the park. The tree is located on the south side of land donated by the Homeowners Association for Lone Oak Farms. There is a field previously used for hay to the north.

Director of Parks and Recreation for the city Doug Kupper believes since the land is in a part of the city that is growing fast, it is an essential addition to save Bluff Creek and the large oak tree. The park will be the furthest north and opens in 2019. The creeks are essential for the parks and the large amount of land will help.

The tree could be a graphic design idea for the parks system to use on materials pertaining to the park and its history.