Medina police take firefighter training

December 19, 2018 by  

Several Medina police, as well as other officers from Montville and Medina Townships, recently began their basic firefighter training, and will be certified by the state. The cross-training is something that Medina likes to do.

Since police are usually the first personnel to arrive on the scene of an emergency, including fires, it makes sense that they learn some basic firefighting skills. In the recent training, police officers from throughout the Medina area learned how to set up hoses and other fire equipment; how to locate fire hydrants; the hazards to human health of smoke; helping others get into their emergency gear; and learning fire behavior. This includes knowing whether or not they can enter a burning building safely.

For decades, Medina fire and police have trained with paramedics from the Life Support Team to help quicken the response rate to emergencies. Medina’s mayor, Dennis Hanwell, said one example of this cooperation is the way police learned to administer Narcan, a drug to help reverse an overdose. When the question arose of why police don’t have basic firefighting skills, the next step seemed obvious: train them.

That idea led to the officers taking 36 hours of training in firefighting this month. Medina’s Police Chief, Ed Kinney, said he hopes to have 14 police certified in firefighting soon. Officials backing training of this type might consider providing new business cards as a “well done” award to those who qualify.