Two years’ tuition available to Long Beach high school students

December 17, 2018 by  

Students from the Long Beach Unified School District will have the opportunity to have two years of free tuition at Long Beach City College in 2019. This program began in 2008 with just one semester of free tuition.

In 2015, the program expanded to one year of free tuition to any student accepted to the college that meet the requirements. The money is funded by the LBCC Foundation.

Now, Reagan Ferragamo Romali, the LBCC president, says thanks to the generosity of the foundation, it can remove barriers to higher education for many high school students.

State legislation was passed in 2017 to help students with tuition as long as they are enrolled in the program full-time. It is funded through the community.

Funding for the tuition comes from individuals, organizations, groups, and businesses in Long Beach, which has print shops that design corporate gifts for fundraising organizations like this.

One organization that donates to the Long Beach College Promise program, which strives to increase educational opportunities for local students, is the Long Beach Rotary Club. This fall, the College Promise program announced that freshman who attend Cal State can take lower division classes at LBCC first.

Tuition will be available in fall 2019 for Long Beach City College. Students must attend the college after graduating to be eligible and meet admission requirements.