Bethlehem schools jumping on promotional brochure bandwagon

December 16, 2018 by  

The Bethlehem Area School District, taking a leaf from the recruitment playbook of colleges and private schools, has created a brochure to promote the 22 schools in the district.

Recently, Superintendent Joseph Roy presented a 20-page brochure to the board that will be distributed to parents when they visit the schools for events. The district is also exploring the option of providing local realtors and businesses with brochures.

Brochure printing can be solely text, entirely comprised of pictures, or a combination of the two. A variety of formats are available as well.

Bethlehem Area students, participating in a variety of school activities, are featured on the brochure’s cover, and inside teachers and students show off the school’s selling points. On the back side of the brochure, a folder pocket will hold a letter from each school highlighting its success. The brochures were paid for from the $75,000 allotted to the district’s marketing campaign.

Contained within the pamphlet is information about the district’s teachers, its Spanish program in its elementary schools, and the high school’s pre-engineering program ‘Project Lead the Way’.

Many public schools have turned to marketing campaigns due to school choice, which puts public schools in head-to-head competition with private and charter schools. Those alternatives to public schools have been using a variety of advertising tools for years.