Texas bullet train likely to happen

December 16, 2018 by  

There has been talk about the first bullet train line in the United States coming to Texas, and it may be a possibility that could start as early as next year.

The bullet train, which will provide a high-speed travel option for those who are looking to travel from Dallas to Houston, Texas, will be the first of its kind in the U.S. and will be modeled on trains used in Japan. Besides providing fast, cheap, and reliable transportation, the addition of the train is also said to be able to improve the economy and surrounding areas by providing ad space for businesses to advertise their services and logo design, as well as attracting businesses to the area near the train line.

The Chief General Manager of the Central Japan Railway Company, who will be responsible for helping to bring the bullet train technology to Texas, Masaru Yosano, talked about when people should expect the train and what they should expect from it. He said:

“We will start the construction next year. Shinkansen [the Japanese word for bullet train] is very easy to get on. In Japan, it takes about five to ten minutes after we arrive at the station to get on the train, so it is very easy to check-in and travel.”

At the moment, the plan is awaiting approval from the Federal Railroad Administration. Once approval is given, enough private funding has been secured, and the land needed to make the train line a reality has either been purchased or negotiated, construction can begin and an estimated opening date can be given.