Recognitions awarded to East Stroudsburg University students

December 13, 2018 by  

A trio of graduate students who work at the Northeast Wildlife DNA Laboratory of East Stroudsburg University have had their research recognized.

Grants in the amount of $1,500 from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Sciences and Sigma Xi have been awarded to Kristine Bentkowski, from Middletown, New York. Bentkowski’s research for her graduate studies is the evaluation of ticks on black bears from New Jersey and Pennsylvania that may carry Lyme disease and the Powassan virus. Her study is the first to consider black bears as a host for these diseases.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania University Biologist awarded Greentown’s Eric Januszkiewicz the amount of $600 for his research on the Snake Fungal disease in Pennsylvania. He is working with the Northeast Wildlife DNA Laboratory and associate professor of biology, Thomas LaDuke, Ph.D., as the first documentation of presence of this disease in Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Vector Control Association’s Outstanding Graduate Research Award was given to Elizabeth Barcellona from West Babylon, New York, for her research on the winter ticks on the population of elks in the state, creating a baseline for monitoring tick infestations and its effect on the population of moose and other hoofed mammals.

Announcements such as these often use poster printing to promote themselves to the surrounding community and the rest of the college.