Tibetan lamas visit Beverly school to create sand painting

December 12, 2018 by  

The Mystical Arts of Tibet was recently welcomed at the Glen Urquhart School (GUS) in Beverly for a five-day stay.

The Tibetan Buddhist monks were from a monastery in Georgia. In the assembly room, they created a mandala sand painting. This was more than a painting, but a performance and act of art in which students, teachers, families, and members of the community were able to participate.

Director of marketing and communications at GUS, Joanna Murphy Scott, commented that the school was excited about being able to have the monks on their campus and share their work with the community. It was a wonderful educational experience that provided many benefits not only for the students but the community of the North Shore.

There was an opening ceremony for the work where the monks consecrated the site through music and chanting. During the week, the monks worked on the sands using traditional methods to enable them to flow into place. The students also tried to create a mandala sand painting in a room next to where the monks were working. A closing ceremony was held during which the creation was destroyed, making a symbol for the transience of life.

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