Tacoma transit system to expand services

December 12, 2018 by  

Ground was recently broken for the construction of the Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension, which will increase the distance the Tacoma Link line covers by 100%.

The Extension will add six more stations and two more miles to the line so that the Hilltop and Stadium districts will have more options for transportation. The Theater District station will become two stations – one at Commerce Street and the other at Old City Hall. Flyer printing companies can be used to create flyers with more information about such new opportunities for travel into cities such as downtown Tacoma and Seattle.

Victoria Woodards, Mayor of Tacoma and member of the board of Sound Transit, said that this link will fuel the economic growth of the area as it provides greater access to downtown Tacoma. Residents will of the Hilltop and Stadium districts will now have the needed access to the regional transit system for many years into the future.

Collaboration between Sound Transit and the city provided the funding for the project along with a Small Starts grant of $75m from the federal government.

The new line is expected to provide service beginning in 2022 and will eventually add $250m in revenue to the economy of the area, commented Representative Derek Kilmer. Other benefits will be the reduction of traffic, lower parking expenses, and bringing people together.