Medford library to host video salute to America’s city parks

December 9, 2018 by  

The Medford Garden Club is in the planning stages of its annual Movie and Popcorn Night, and it promises to be an entertaining evening for everyone who braves the cold and visits the library.

The film that has been selected for the screening is ‘10 Parks that Changed America’. It will explore the efforts of individuals across the country who have championed public parks and overcome many challenges in their efforts. It will also offer an introduction to the history and development of the country’s landscape architecture.

There is no cost to participate in this event, and everyone is welcome to take a seat in the audience. There will be time to discuss the issues raised in the film, and the hope is that all those who participate will walk away with a greater understanding and appreciation of America’s city parks and the people who have worked to build them.

Flyers and other promotional products are just some of the items that can be crafted for this sort of function by an area printer, and they can help to ensure it is well attended.

This opportunity to enjoy a documentary movie and popcorn is scheduled to begin at 7:00 pm on February 7. All ages are invited, and more information can be obtained by contacting 781-771-6737.