Advocacy 101 on offer for Loves Park parents

December 9, 2018 by  

Parents of children with special needs may have to do double duty and serve as their child’s educational advocate. This does not always come naturally, and a Loves Park area workshop will equip parents and caregivers with knowledge they can use to speak for their son or daughter if they cannot do it for themselves.

The learning opportunity will be exploring a variety of topics that are all pieces of advocating for a special needs child. The RAMP Center for Independent Living understands the challenges that those with physical, developmental and intellectual issues can face, and has used this to design its Special Education Advocacy Training 101 workshop.

The participants in the session will learn how make sense of the different evaluation results they may be given for their child. They will also receive tips about how they can make sure they are well prepared for a meeting to discuss their child’s 504, Eligibility, or IEP meetings.

Determining what accommodations are needed and how to ensure they are included in an IEP plan are also on the agenda, as is the topic of creating actionable and measurable goals. There will also be a review of the differences between a Least Restrictive Environment and full inclusion.

The organizers explained that a Special Education Binder can help parents learn about the programming and other supports that may be available for their child, and they are on offer for $15 each. Items like this can be prepared by local print shops.

Loves Park special needs families are all welcome to be a part of this learning opportunity, and it will be held on January 10. The venue for the session is located at the RAMP offices in Belvedere.