Georgetown short course to help companies get back to business

December 8, 2018 by  

Georgetown business owners who would like to find new ways to maximize their company’s profit flow in 2019 may wish to make sure that they include an upcoming workshop in their plans. It will give them actionable advice that can help them to manage their money during the good times and make plans to be well prepared for the bad ones.

The sessions, which will be spread out over two days, will offer practical tools that can be used by a business to prosper and grow. Since each enterprise is unique, the information provided can be customized to suit each attendee’s needs and goals, and once the training is complete, they will walk away with a greater understanding of how to manage their company’s financial side.

The students in the class will work through an assortment of topics. These will include how they can improve their company’s cash flow, tips for obtaining financing, how to effectively utilize financial statements, and also how to make the most of the good times while planning for the bad. Workshop packages and other handouts for this sort of activity can be prepared by a printer, which can also supply promotional pens so the attendees can easily make any notes they wish.

The registration fee for this continuing educational opportunity is $595 each. It will be taking place at 1 Chamber Way in Georgetown on January 29 and 30.