FC Cincinnati announces groundbreaking date

December 4, 2018 by  

FC Cincinnati, the city’s soccer team, announced last month that it will be breaking ground soon on its Major League Soccer stadium. The announcement is in line with other statements the team has made regarding the time line of the construction.

Turner Construction is handling the preparation of the site, and the demolition of buildings in the area around the stadium. The process began with the razing of a Central Avenue block, and will continue into the new year. Businesses were advised they had to leave the area soon after the timing was finalized.

Stargel Stadium, a local landmark, will also be torn down, but a new stadium will be built nearby, using $10 million FC Cincinnati will provide. In addition, plans call for the relocation of a water main as part of the site preparation. Some of the funding for this part of the site prep will come from $34 million pledged by Cincinnati to the project’s infrastructure.

According to preliminary drawings, the stadium will be about 120 feet tall, which is the equivalent of a 10- or 11-story structure, and could seat as many as 26,500 soccer fans. Developers of projects like this could use poster printing to show renderings of the design.

The official groundbreaking ceremony is set for December 19, with working starting on the foundations sometime in mid-2019. The grand opening of the stadium has been set for March 1, 2021.