Davenport school board wants real estate committee

December 6, 2018 by  

The Davenport school board would like to create a special committee that would handle real estate transactions involving district property.

At a recent board meeting, Ralph Johanson, the board president, said the reason for bringing up the topic now is that several transactions are currently under consideration. The board members realized that when they try to negotiate deals on behalf of the board, rather than as individuals, it can become complex.

The proposed committee would be comprised of as many as three board members, and would take the board’s recommendations to the administration. However, the committee would not make decisions on the board’s behalf. Officials developing a committee like this have a chance to use logo design to create a new emblem for the organization.

Johanson said there are policies in place that allow only the board to make decisions on real property, but the new committee could develop some guidelines with the administration.

Although the board decided that the committee is a good idea, they will not make a final decision until their meeting on January 14. Board members who would like to volunteer for the committee will have until the meeting to make that decision. If more than three people volunteer, then Johanson will decide on the final committee members.

The committee would help the board by informing them of upcoming transactions instead of having them make snap decisions with inadequate information.