Carson to negotiate new entertainment center

December 6, 2018 by  

Grapevine Development, based in Sherman Oaks, is proposing an “entertainment center” on Del Amo Boulevard, and recently began negotiating with Carson for permission to start building the center.

The site offers 15 acres, and Carson officials believe the complex will work well in combination with an outlet mall that is being considered for another part of the property.

The site is a former landfill, and will need to be remediated before construction can began. The landfill, which covers 157 acres, is the largest piece of property in Carson that is still undeveloped. As such, officials believe it offers great potential to benefit the public if it’s developed appropriately. In addition, remediating the landfill will improve the environment, and increase its value.

However, working with the property presents some challenges. First, it is costly to build on a landfill because of the work that needs to be done to remediate and prepare the site; second, there needs to be a significant investment in infrastructure.

Still, Grapevine seems undeterred. Speaking for the company, Marc Litchman said Grapevine is developing a similar project in El Monte, adding that Grapevine specializes in undertaking projects in areas that are traditionally under-served, and where the land often presents environmental challenges. As projects like this go forward, developers can use brochure printing or create booklets that explain the amenities of the site to prospective tenants.