Frank Pepe Pizzeria gets liquor license

December 6, 2018 by  

Burlington Selectmen recently approved a liquor license for Frank Pepe Pizzeria. The license will transfer to the Connecticut-based company, which plans to move into the space in the Burlington Mall that once housed Uno Pizzeria & Grille. Uno moved out in January.

Frank Pepe Pizza is famous throughout the Northeast, and is one of the most famous brands in the nation, and Burlington fans are looking forward to the opening. This will be only the second Frank Pepe location in the Boston area.

The new restaurant plans to remodel the former Uno’s space. It will start by dividing the premises in half, reducing the number of patrons who can be served from 200 to 98, a design approved by the planning board last April.

Pepe’s began in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1925, and grew slowly. At present, there are only 10 Pepe’s in the country, most in Connecticut. Businesses like this that are opening a new location can distribute promotional products to increase brand recognition.

Frank Pepe’s is a true family-run business, as it is now in the hands of Frank’s grandchildren. He is the creator of the New Haven-style pizza, which features a thin crust, and is baked in coal-fired ovens. The pizza ovens first burned coke, a coal by-product, but switched to coal when coke became unavailable.

The Daily Mail named Frank Pepe’s the “Best Pizza In The Country” in 2017.