Rare white alligators find new home

December 6, 2018 by  

Just in time for the holidays, the two white alligators in the Newport Aquarium near Cincinnati got a new home. Their new habitat, “Legend of the White Gators”, has just opened, according to an article in CityBeat.

The albino alligators, Snowflake and Snowball, will enjoy several amenities in their new habitat, and aquarium visitors will have a chance to get a close-up view of the reptiles, thanks to an underwater viewing area.

“Legend of the White Gators” is the biggest habitat in “Gator Alley,” and features a place where Snowflake will be able to construct a nest, as well as a heated, sandy beach, plus the underwater viewing spot. People from throughout the area, including Cincinnati, will be able to get close to the animals.

The proximity is intentional. The aquarium’s executive director, Eric Rose, said the facility is always trying to find ways to bring guests and animals closer, “close enough to care”. He believes that allowing people to see what he calls “these majestic creatures” closely will inspire them to want to protect alligators in their natural environments. Facilities like this can use brochure printing to present facts about the species to visitors.

There are only about 100 white alligators known to exist in the world, including Snowflake and Snowball. Their survival rate is low because they are sensitive to UV, and because they lack camouflage, but the pair is doing well in Newport.