Chandler Museum to open this weekend

December 6, 2018 by  

The Chandler Museum, which people have been looking forward to for some time, will open soon. A ceremony and ribbon-cutting is planned to mark the occasion.

The museum staff has produced the facility’s main exhibit, which will debut at the opening. The project is entitled “Gaman: Enduring Japanese-American Internment at Gila River”. The exhibit chronicles the experiences of the 16,000 Japanese-Americans. These people were forced to leave their homes on the West Coast when the second World War began. They were brought to the Gila River Internment Camp, which is to Chandler’s south. Although this exhibit is all-new, it expands on the work the museum did previously about the internment camp, and showcases items used at Gila River, supplied by other museums.

In a lighter vein, the museum also hosts a traveling exhibit—its first—called “Awkward Family Photos.” As the name implies, it’s a photographic collection that makes people cringe, and then laugh. Visitors to the museum are encouraged to bring along their awkward photos to the experience. Organizers of events like this can use banner printing to create decorations for the ceremony.

The museum dedication is set for December 8 at 9.30 am, starting with the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Dignitaries planning to be on hand include Chandler’s mayor, Jay Tibshraeny, city council members, and special guests. There will be entertainment and special presentations all day long, and light refreshments will be available.