MDTA sets up speed cameras in Baltimore

December 6, 2018 by  

In order to protect workers at a project to the north of the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel, the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA), and the MDTA Police, recently installed speed cameras, along with other equipment, along Interstate 895.

The equipment was installed on I-895 southbound, between Harbor Tunnel, and just south of Exit 12, which is Lombard Street. The purpose of the equipment is to slow down drivers on I-895 as they approach and travel through the work zone at this location.

Warning signs were placed along the highway before the work zone to warn drivers the ASE equipment is in operation. In addition, a ‘speed trailer’ is on site to show drivers their speeds.

A warning period will be in effect until December 17, after which date the MDTA Police will start ticketing motorists who are going 12 miles over the speed limit or more, which is 50 mph in the zone. The fine for these tickets is $40. Agencies making changes such as this could turn to flyer printing to distribute the information widely and clearly.

The construction site is a Safe Zone, and Maryland has created such zones to slow traffic down in work areas, which it is hoped will reduce injuries and save lives. The state notes that in approximately 80% of accidents in these zones, it is drivers and passengers who are injured, not the highway workers.