Meridian becomes home to new children’s museum

December 1, 2018 by  

The first children’s museum in the area will be opening in Meridian. The Children’s Museum of Idaho is geared towards children between the ages of two and eigh,t and will have 23 interactive exhibits where children will hands-on experience at each exhibit. An organization, business, or family sponsors each exhibit.

Designer of the museum, Mike Schroeder, commented that that age demographic was in need of such a museum in Treasure Valley. The operations manager for the museum, Danielle Hittle, added that the goal was to create a space where adults could help their kids engage in the learning the museum offers.

Hittle pointed out that the museum has a farm-to-table exhibit so children can learn about poultry and how to milk a cow. There are also planes and rockets that children go inside of to experience flight and let their imagines soar.

Hittle said the museum provides opportunities for both educational and family engagement so that children can explore, discover their interests and passions, and then decide what their focus will be when they get to school.

The museum offers annual memberships and can host private and birthday parties. A ribbon-cutting ceremony to open the museum will be held today, December 1.

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