McHenry class to put environmentally friendly spin on food wrap

November 28, 2018 by  

Residents of McHenry who care about the Earth may wish to make plans to be part of a workshop that will help them reduce their use of plastics. Those who do will learn how they can craft a special wrap they can keep for themselves or give to an environmentally conscious friend or family member.

The wraps, which will be constructed using beeswax and other materials, can be a viable alternative to cellophane and other plastic packaging. They can be used to cover food, wrap sandwiches for school lunches, and store baked goods, and each participant will make two sets of them.

The workshop will be led by a spokesperson from Nonie’s Bees Home and Apiary, and the beeswax used will have been harvested in the local area. The students can make wraps that are in pre-cut sizes, or one that best suits their own needs. The organizer noted that, along with this workshop, it can also offer custom private classes for groups of six or more participants.

A workshop like this can be both fun and educational, and leaflets and other publications crafted by a local flyer printing company can help to promote it. The registration fee for this two-hour long activity is $25 each.

The date for this learning opportunity that will do a good turn for the planet is December 7. It is set to take place at 4021 Wyndwood Drive in Crystal Lake, and alternative dates may be available upon request.