Truck fleet decorated by Frederick artist

November 28, 2018 by  

Sheetz, a chain of convenience stores, sent out an email earlier this year requesting artists to design the artwork to put on its fleet of tractor-trailers. Matt Long, a Frederick resident, won the contest, according to an article in the Frederick News-Post.

According to the email from the company, they were looking for someone to redesign “the next generation of Sheetz fleet tractor-trailers.” The trucks are bright red and immediately recognizable, and over 100 of the vehicles were to be rebranded. The winners were give $25,000, and their designs were featured on the trucks. Sheetz also added the winning art into the company merchandise, and the trucks sported the faces of the designers.

The only directions Sheetz gave was for the designers to create art that showed what the company meant to them. Long was somewhat puzzled, as Sheetz is a convenience store, and he did not want to draw coffee and hot dogs. Eventually, he blended his memories of stops at the store with the freedom of the open road.

Long is a Sheetz Freak—the nickname the company has for its most loyal customers—so he knew the products well. He said he simply tried to remember the experiences he has had with the stores throughout the years.

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