Lebanon leaf collection underway

November 28, 2018 by  

Lebanon’s Streets Department began leaf collecting last month, and will continue these efforts until the snow flies. Officials have extended the collection period to account for the fact that trees drop their leaves at different times.

The city asks that residents who rake their leaves into the street make sure they are at least 12 inches from the curb, to clear the storm drains. If the street has no curb, residents are asked to rake their leaves onto the pavement, but as close as possible to the shoulder, to leave the surface clear.

Residents need to check the schedule to determine when their leaves will be collected, and have them ready by 7:00 am on the first day of the schedule. Officials ask residents not to park on the street until the collection effort is complete in that area. If there is a large quantity of leaves in one area, crews will start earlier in the day, and then return to their regular schedule. Officials dealing with issues like this can use flyer printing to spread the word.

Finally, if it begins snowing early in the season, leaf collection will slow down, because the trucks are also used to plow the streets. If leaves are still left when it begins to snow, they will be plowed to the side. Residents who miss the dates of the program may bag and drop off their leaves at the Municipal Service Complex.