Reno class to build better budding beekeepers

November 26, 2018 by  

Whether it’s for fresh honey or just to do a good turn for the environment, many are discovering the joys of beekeeping. A Reno area initiative will offer people who are interested in adding a colony to their property a chance to learn more about what they can do to ensure their efforts are a success.

The instruction will be provided during two classes, and these will cover a variety of topics that may be of interest to the new apiarist. The first class will include the basic terminology and jargon as well as the biology of both individual bees and the colony as a whole. Next, the students will learn about Langstroth Hives, how to install one, pest and disease management and also what to expect during their hive’s first year.

The second workshop will provide a more in-depth exploration of small scale apiculture. There will be advice about what tools that are needed, as well as their cost, and students will discover sources for both ‘nucs’ (nucleus colonies) and bee packages. The session will wind up with a discussion of how to introduce the bees to their new home.

Each attendee in these sessions will be going home with a copy of the handout ‘Backyard Beekeeping’. Area print shops can supply printed copies of the handouts, including a list of resources and other supports in the local community, for a learning opportunity such as this.

Budding beekeepers are welcome to register for the class, and it will be held on January 8 and 15 in the Rail City Garden Center in Sparks. The fee for each of the sessions is $40.