Wilmington turkey giveaway goes ahead despite confusion

November 26, 2018 by  

LaDaye Johnson and Jaron, his brother, were passing out free turkeys to needy families recently when Wilmington police told them to stop, since they didn’t have a permit. However, a local pastor offered to let the brothers use his parking lot for the giveaway, and the story had a happy ending.

LaDaye founded Cool Shoes, Inc., a grassroots group that helps the community regularly, holding book-bag drives, toy drives, turkey drives, and Easter egg hunts, all of which all draw hundreds of participants. Organizers of events like this could use banner printing to create festive, seasonal banners to decorate the location.

This year, they had just begun distributing the 400 turkeys, which they had hauled to the site in a U-Haul, and were planning to take the birds to residents by going door-to-door, when police arrived. They told the Johnsons they would have to stop the activity, even though the young men had told the police of their plans before they began the turkey giveaway.

Their good Samaritan came in the form of the Reverend Arthur Bowers, who invited the brothers to continue distributing turkeys from his church’s lot. Rev. Bowers said he helped solve the problem so that people who needed the help could get it.

In spite of the relocation, people kept coming, and the 400 turkeys were gone by late afternoon.