Music Record Shop relocating – again

November 26, 2018 by  

St. Louis’s Music Record Shop has led a nomadic existence with its moves from place to place, and just relocated again, this time to a spot on Locust Street next to Fubar.

Music Record Shop has proven to be something of a wanderer. It started as an online-only shop, then moved to a brick-and-mortar location in the Grove area, adjacent to the Ready Room, in 2014. The space was small, and Music outgrew it quickly; in 2016, it moved to Washington Avenue, adjacent to KDHX.

The Washington Avenue spot was always meant as a temporary solution, while Music’s owners waited for renovations to the .Zack building to be finished. This seemed a particularly good choice to the owners, as Plush, a music venue, had once been in that building. Music Record Shop moved to the .Zack location in 2017.

However, the store has decided to make still another move, this time to Locust Street. Although the latest premises are close to the .Zack location, the store will be on ground level, instead of the third floor, which should prove more inviting to people who just drop in casually. When businesses such as this open, owners can use promotional products to help build consumer awareness.

The Music Record Store opened in its new location on November 16, and is extending a warm welcome to everyone who wants to see the new space.