The Luminary plans to expand

November 24, 2018 by  

The Luminary, a performance and exhibition space on Cherokee Street in St. Louis, recently announced expansion plans.

Co-founder James McAnally says the building will be renovated and a library, bar, bookstore, and classrooms will be added. There will also be three studios where people can live and work.

Enlarging the space will give The Luminary the ability to reach out to people in the neighborhood, bringing them to the space. McAnally is particularly hopeful that the effort will engage the interest of people who do not normally pay much attention to the arts.

The Luminary has been raising funds for the renovation, which is estimated at $500,000, for approximately one year. They have succeeded in raising about 80% of the total they need, and have decided now to go public with their fundraising effort.

James and Brea McAnally founded the Luminary in 2007, and are pleasantly surprised that it is still growing and expanding, and proud of the caliber of acts and artists it is attracting.

The Luminary offers a residency program, which has received applications from artists in 47 countries. They have stayed in an offsite apartment that was donated to them, but now will have apartments on the premises for visiting artists to use. When organizations make changes like this, they have a chance to create a new logo design.

They expect to start construction in December, with the space reopening in March.