Raleigh announces grease collection schedule

November 20, 2018 by  

Raleigh officials are aware that during the holidays, people are cooking a lot of big meals, generating more grease than is usual. The city has devised a system to help keep the cooking grease out of the sewer system—it will collect it free of charge.

Until the end of the period, places of worship, as well as residents, can put their used cooking oil at the curb for the city to collect. There are a few rules to follow in order to take advantage of the service.

First, the grease has to be cooled, and then placed in a clear plastic container that can be sealed. The container has to be labeled as “used cooking oil”, and residents should put the oil out for collection the same day as their regularly scheduled garbage pickup. Finally, residents must call 919-996-3245 to arrange for the city to pick up the grease at the curb. The city warns that residents must call ahead for this service, because a special vehicle is sent out to collect the grease.

Collecting grease at the holidays helps protect the environment by preventing it from getting into the sewers, where it can cause backups and overflows. In addition, the grease is recycled—it’s turned into biofuel, a renewable resource that can be used to cook, heat homes, and power vehicles. Officials managing services like this can use flyer printing to inform residents.

The grease collection is available now through January 15, 2019.