Sensory friendly sessions with Santa planned near Oakland

November 20, 2018 by  

While many autistic children would like to meet Santa, if they have sensory processing issues, it can often prove to be too overwhelming. Adapted sessions are on offer near Oakland that will give them a chance to enjoy this experience along with their neurotypical siblings so that everyone can participate in this holiday tradition.

Emeryville Bay Street Emeryville Mall has set aside a block of sessions with Santa that can accommodate children with sensory processing difficulties. These have been organized with the support of Centria Autism, which will have representatives on site to answer questions from parents and lend a helping hand.

Santa will be briefed before the event, and he will ask direct questions to the boys and girls who stop by to see him. The lights in the area will be adjusted so that they won’t be overstimulating and the whole setting will be quiet and relaxed.

Parents who register a child for this activity are welcome to bring along a camera so they can snap photos of the fun. Bookings start at 8:00 am on the day of the event and slots are available up until 10:00 am. A local printing services provider can supply social story books, which can be made available to parents so they can share with their child before an event like this, so they will know what to expect.

The sensory Friendly Santa sessions will be offered on December 9. Anyone who has questions has been asked to contact