Appreciation week held for animals to raise awareness of shelters

November 19, 2018 by  

The animal shelter of Gaston County, located in Gastonia, recently celebrated Animal Shelter Appreciation Week to highlight what animal shelters do for animals and the community.

The head of Gaston County Animal Care and Enforcement, Dr. Karen Blankenship, commented that the number of animals taken in by the shelter has risen, with 308 animals accepted during the month of October. She added that the shelter is always in need of both donations and volunteers, although she pointed out that the community has always been willing to lend a helping hand.

The use of flyer printing is one way shelters can get the word out about their needs for volunteers and funds, in addition to online means such as social media.

The shelter is currently in the process of implementing new perks and programs. One of these is taking cats on a type of stroll through Dallas Park. Funds from donors made it possible for the shelter to purchase specialized baby strollers that have a mesh covering through which cats can see, meaning some cats can be led through the park.

Volunteers also walk the dogs on a regular basis, so they have the chance to leave the kennel and break up their daily routine. Lastly, the shelter has a foster program for dogs and kittens with heartworm.