New chiropractic office opens in Meridian

November 19, 2018 by  

A new office of Keystone Physical Medicine, which is a chiropractic clinic, recently opened in Meridian and is designed to serve the residents of Meridian and the greater Boise area.

In addition to chiropractic services, Keystone Physical Medicine offers pain management, massage therapy, physiotherapy, and corporate wellness services.

The director of Keystone Physical Medicine, Dr. Cory Sartin, commented that everyone in the office is excited about opening this new location. He believes it demonstrates that the staff is able to provide high quality care and be more convenient for current and new patients.

The office provides an initial free consultation, during which Dr. Sartin discusses patients’ work and lifestyle habits, diet and exercise, and overall wellbeing so as have a more comprehensive view of their symptoms. The staff work together to provide an integral approach to healthcare.

The philosophy of the office is that better communication between the patient and the staff leads to better health. It also enables the staff to create a specialized plan for the treatment of each patient, including the treatment of the entire condition for long-term relief.

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