Portland the fourth-best place to be single in the U.S.

November 18, 2018 by  

A recently released study by WalletHub points to Portland as a great place for singles to date and find a mate.

WalletHub examined 182 cities to determine their single-friendliness. Among the factors taken into consideration were the number of entertainment options, cost of dating activities such as entertainment and dining, and percentage of singles. Altogether, WalletHub compared 34 elements that contribute to a city’s dating-friendliness.

Portland landed the No. 4 position on the “best cities in which to be single” list. Its high ranking on the list is mostly due to its per capita nightlife options, which was the fifth highest among the cities. For dating, the city ranked 16th, and it came 10th for fun and recreation. One area Portland did not excel at was affordability, taking 128th overall and hitting the very bottom slot for cost of beer and wine.

Often, bars and night clubs advertise a singles’ evening with the assistance of a flyer printing service.

Over all, about 45% of the country’s adult population falls into the unmarried category, which includes those who are widowed, divorced or never married, according to the last estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau. Individual cities may have a ratio of singles, either higher or lower, in addition to having a different proportion of women to men.