Cozy evening of cocktails and crafting on offer in Medford

November 17, 2018 by  

Medford ladies who are looking for an excuse to spend a fun evening with their friends may find that an event offered by a local pub could be just what they are looking for.

The occasion will combine cocktails and crafting in an Irish pub setting. Its planners explained that it will offer projects for everyone from newbies who rarely even pick up a pair of scissors, to experienced crafters, and each kit can be customized so that it will be truly unique.

While the evening has been planned with women in mind, guys are also welcome to be a part of the fun of the occasion. At least four different craft kits will be on offer, and each ticket holder can choose the one that most interests them.

To help make sure that everyone who turns up for the occasion can complete the project of their choice, instructions will be supplied, and experienced craftspeople will be on hand to offer tips and other assistance. An event like this can be fun for all ages, and a printer can offer a variety of ideas for promotional products that can ensure it will be well attended.

This opportunity for the local community to get its creative juices flowing has been planned for December 17. It will be hosted by 4 Daughters Irish Pub.