Meals on Wheels to welcome public during McKinney open house

November 17, 2018 by  

To help make sure it can continue its work, an open house has been planned that will give the public a behind-the-scenes look at the Collins County Meals on Wheels program’s day-to-day operations.

Each day, the program provides hot meals and also a respite from isolation for people throughout McKinney and the communities that surround it.

The organization is hosting an open house at its offices at 600 North Tennessee Street, and all ages are welcome to be a part of this community event. Along with showcasing its operations to locals, the occasion will honor the area first responders who work every day to keep people safe.

While the guests at the function mingle and get to know one another, they will be invited to sample an assortment of small-bite dishes. Wine will be poured, and music will create a relaxed atmosphere for the attendees. It will be free to take part in the occasion, but those who are interested have been asked to register ahead of time, as this will aid in planning the function.

An event like this can be a great way for the community to learn more about a not-for-profit as well as its projects and other works it undertakes. A brochure printing company can craft attention-grabbing publications that can make it easy to share details about the group and its activities.

Meals on Wheels has made arrangements to host this open house on December 7. The plan is for its doors to open at 6:00 pm.