Surveys to ascertain Greenville area workforce barriers

November 14, 2018 by  

A series of surveys for the Workforce Data Collaborative is querying employers and area workers on public transportation options and parking availability.

A survey of South Carolina Technology and Aviation Center (SCTAC) employees and employers in Greenville includes questions regarding affordable housing, childcare, and criminal records.

The SCTAC’s Donaldson survey makes the third such survey for the collaborative, which is a joint effort of SC Works, the Appalachian Council of Governments, the Greenville Area Development Corp., and the local chamber of commerce.

This survey concludes this Friday, November 16, and its results, as well as those of earlier surveys and planned future ones at various workplaces, will be used to determine changes that can enhance workforce availability and participation.

Information gathered via the surveys includes where participants work and live, which may well figure into transportation planning in the area. By learning where a high concentration of employees live, valuable changes in mass transit can be considered that will help area companies hire and keep employees.

Brochure printing is often used to inform the public of changes made to public transportation.

The point of the surveys is to identify barriers to employment and determine how to reduce or entirely eliminate them. Among those responding to problems working downtown included inconvenient public transportation routes and frequency of buses, as well as inadequate hours of service and parking affordability and availability.