Huntington Beach to examine playgrounds

November 14, 2018 by  

Huntington Beach’s mayor, Mike Posey, recently announced that city staffers will be evaluating the equipment provided in over 70 parks, and establish priorities for replacing or repairing damaged items.

Among other points of review, Mayor Posey says the staff will be looking at the age of the equipment, what condition it is in, and then give that information to the Community Services Commission. From there, priorities will be established with regard to repairing or replacing the items.

Among the properties due to be surveyed is Peter Green Park, where the playground’s rubber floor has several rips in it. This particular park, which is only about a mile from City Hall, spurred residents to create a petition, ‘Clean Up Our Parks & Playgrounds’, which circulated last year and garnered over 1,100 signatures.

Among comments from users about Peter Green Park were the fact that swings and slides were missing, and had been for a long time. In addition, trash was accumulating in the park, but was not being gathered. The equipment has been replaced since residents made the complaint. Officials dealing with issues like this can use flyer printing to keep residents informed.

Sherri Hellbusch organized the petition, and Mayor Posey suggested she look into starting a nonprofit to raise funds on behalf of the park. He also explained that Huntington Beach has a backlog of undone projects and deferred maintenance in the parks amounting to $35m.