Akron payment options increased and fees added

November 13, 2018 by  

Akron City Council will likely soon permit online e-check and credit card payments, as well as supply interactive-voice response abilities for payment of income tax and utility payments.

A contract between Official Payments Corp. and the city of Akron is expected soon. The city has a history of working with the company to provide these options to residents paying their utility bill and now the plan is to extend these option to its income tax.

Previously, the city covered online payment fees, but a new policy whereby customers will pay online credit card or e-check payment fees is being enacted. Utility customers will pay $1.95 for credit card payments and 70 cents when using an e-check. Income tax e-checks payments will also cost 70 cents; however, 2.25% of the income tax owed will be charged when income taxes are payed via credit cards.

Flyer printing is useful for informing the public of such changes.

Fee free options for utility bill payments are still available to Akron residents. For instance, residents can approve a direct deposit withdrawal from a bank account, or can drop off their payment at the utility office, put it in the drop box outside CitiCenter, or simply drop it in the mail.

Council will vote on the matter on next Monday, November 19.