Escondido workshop to share ancient dyeing techniques

November 8, 2018 by  

Natural dyes have been used for thousands of years to color clothing and other textiles, and an Escondido class will teach the public how they can use similar techniques to craft items they can add to their own wardrobe of give to a friend.

Jeanine Ertl, who has many years of experience in producing and using natural dyes, will be the instructor for the class, and she will guide the students through the steps needed to produce a hand dyed scarf. Each participant can choose two scarves made from rayon-bamboo or silk, and additional ones will be available for purchase so that the pupils can dye them at home.

The workshop will take about three hours, and the attendees will be learning through hands-on experience. They will be led through all of the steps of the dying process, starting with scouring right up to rinsing out the excess color, and they will each walk away with an assortment of dye samples as well as the scarves they have crafted.

Each student will be able to indicate their fabric choice when they register. Along with the dyes and completed project, they will all go home with a booklet that will provide them with further information so they can continue the crafting on their own. A brochure printing company will be able to supply these sorts of publications, and can laminate the pages so they will be protected from getting wet when they are being used.

The fee for the ‘Intro to Natural Dye: Scarf Season’ is $90 per person. It will be held on December 2nd at 140 South Juniper Street.