Clovis workshop to offer solutions for challenging behaviors in children

November 7, 2018 by  

Difficult behaviors in a child can leave a parent or educator wondering what to do next, and a workshop that will be held in Clovis this winter will seek to provide tips that can make it easier to meet these challenges head on.

The session will be exploring the issue of child development from a unique perspective, and the organizers have planned the day so that it will be interactive for the attendees. It will ask the parents, caregivers and educators who come out to examine how they communicate and interact with children in their care and explore how this can impact their behavior.

The planners of the workshop noted that the advice shared will include tips that are practical and can be actioned, and there will also be a review of possible barriers to the development of a strong relationship between a young boy or girl and the adults in their life.

The attendees will find out what behavior is normal and what is atypical, and there will also be time spent on learning how problem behaviors can be addressed in the classroom setting.

This learning opportunity for those who work with children is being offered to the community by the Clovis Unified Special Education Family Resource Center. Print shops can supply copies of any texts, handouts, or other materials used during this sort of event.

The Clovis Veterans Memorial Building has been chosen as the venue for this workshop. It will be offered on January 24.