Downtown association awards Plymouth market

November 6, 2018 by  

Shoppers at Westborn Market in Plymouth have ample reminders of the building’s past life as US Post Office.

When former post office was transformed into a modern upscale grocery store, features such as mailboxes and a mural painted as part of the US Works Progress Administration were retained. These have helped the market take home several awards in recent months.

At the end of October, Westborn Market was named the best economic development project of more than $1m in the state by the Michigan Downtown Association. Before that, the market was one of three Michigan entities to receive recognition from the Michigan Historic Preservation Network for best preservation.

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The recognition from the Michigan Downtown Association was presented to Mark Anusbigian, the owner of Westborn Market, and the Plymouth Downtown Development Authority, which nominated the market for the award.

Anusbigian stated that his company spent almost $5m turning the old post office into the grocery store, working to maintain the exterior charm of the building and a connection to its past on the inside.

Tony Bruscato, the director of the Plymouth Downtown Development Authority, hailed the development project as one of the most significant that the area had had in decades. Although the market got the award, Bruscato pointed out that downtown Plymouth is the real winner.