Major brewer to open taproom in Cincinnati this month

November 5, 2018 by  

Cincinnati beer connoisseurs will soon have another place to enjoy their favorite brew, when Samuel Adams opens a new taproom in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood.

The taproom is large, offering nearly 9,000 square feet of space both indoors and out, and will serve beers brewed on site as well as those crafted at the Samuel Adams Cincinnati Brewery, which has been operating in OTR for over two decades. Among the offerings are patrons’ favorites such as Summer Ale, Boston Lager, and Lager 513, inspired by Cincinnati itself. When businesses like this open, they can distribute promotional products to welcome customers, and build brand recognition.

Jim Koch, who founded Samuel Adams, says he has been dreaming of creating a taproom in Over-the-Rhine for over 20 years so local enthusiasts could share his beers. He is delighted to see the dream finally coming true, since Cincinnati is his hometown. He also notes that beer has been brewed in the city for a long time, and Cincinnati is becoming a mecca for craft beer brewers and enthusiasts alike.

The Samuel Adams Cincinnati Tap Room is across the street from the Cincinnati Brewery, which is adjacent to Findlay Market, at the Urban Sites’ Film Center Project. Set to open its doors on Thursday, November 15, the address is 1632 Central Parkway.