Revamped Cincinnati venue wins state award

November 4, 2018 by  

In 2017, a $143m, 16-month renovation of the Music Hall in Cincinnati was completed, and the effort was recognized in a ceremony in last month.

The building won the ‘Historic Theater of the Year’ award, according to an article in CityBeat. The historic preservation organization Heritage Ohio awarded the honor, which goes to one of the Ohio theaters that have had “ambitious and successful” rehabilitation efforts.

The hall was built in 1878, and hosts a number of arts organizations, such as the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, the Cincinnati Ballet, the Cincinnati Opera, and the May Festival Chorus.

Heritage Ohio’s executive director, Joyce Barrett, said the organization was “thrilled” to recognize the Music Hall, which is a National Historic Landmark. As such, Barrett added, the renovation has significance throughout the nation. She also calls it a “spectacular” building that is a “stunning example of historic preservation.” Managers of venues like this can work with brochure printers to create booklets that explain the building and its history.

The Music Hall Revitalization Company’s chairman, Otto M. Budig, Jr., said almost everything changes over time, and adapts to current fashions. However, those who worked to renovate the Music Hall did not simply accept its deterioration, but instead worked to restore it, and in doing so, create an arts venue that will last for many more generations.