Electronic-assist bikes coming to Cincinnati

November 3, 2018 by  

Bike sharing is becoming popular in cities everywhere, but users in Cincinnati may need a little help getting up the city’s hills. To help out, Cincy Red Bike recently announced it is about to roll out electronic-assist bicycles.

Cincy Red Bike’s equipment will go up to 17 miles per hour, just enough to give riders the help they need on the steep streets. The bike share company demonstrated the bikes outside City Hall recently, and has planned a number of pop-up events to show off the equipment until the pilot program launches next week.

The company will use ten e-bikes to test pricing, maintenance problems, battery performance, and other issues it needs to address before it starts up its entire 100-bike fleet, which will go into service in 2019. Part of the funding for the new bikes comes from a Cincinnati itself, and some from a federal grant. Companies conducting trials like this can use poster printing to show people where to find the test units.

It has taken Red Bike two years to increase its inventory by adding e-bikes. The bikes that will be used in the tests are white, but when the fleet goes into service, it’s likely the machines will be red, the same color as the ones now in service. Currently, Red Bike operates 57 stations and 440 bikes in and around Cincinnati, and hopes to expand soon.

Red Bike is launching its pilot program on Monday, November 5.