Burbank area workshops to explore joys of native plant gardening

November 2, 2018 by  

Native plant landscaping offers many advantages for the home gardener, and a Burbank area workshop series being presented by the Theodore Payne Foundation will explore how they can be incorporated into a residential garden design.

The classes will touch on an assortment of topics with using native plants being the focus of the course. Sustainability will also be emphasized, and each student can walk away with information that will be specific to their own property.

The class is open to anyone who is interested, but the organized have requested that they complete the ‘Right Place, Right Plant’ workshop first. A discussion of soil quality and how to amend it will be included in the learning, and all those who register are asked to bring along a small sample of the soil in their garden with them on the first day. They are also reminded to take a photo of the site they wish to plant and bring that as well.

The workshops will be facilitated by the owner of Seco Verde, Inc., who is also a landscape designer who has won several awards for her work. Texts and other materials can be prepared for this sort of occasion by area stationery printers.

The final date to register to participate in this opportunity to learn how to make use of native plants in the home landscape is December 21. The first workshop will be held on December 29 at 10459 Tuxford Street in Sun Valley.