Boulder course to train new batch of home inspectors

November 2, 2018 by  

Anyone in Boulder who is interested in a career as a home inspector may wish to make sure their name is added to the list of people registered for a training course that will soon be on offer in the city.

The four-day-long workshop is intended or both those who are new to the profession and current home inspectors who would like to upgrade their skills. Much of the training will be hands on, and will include time in the ‘House of Horrors’ which has been constructed to demonstrate at least 1,000 defects an inspector may encounter and need to identify.

Certified Master Inspectors will facilitate the learning, and the topics covered range from how to prepare written inspection reports, to using the tools of the trade. The texts used will be provided, and there will also be time for the students to network and build connections that may be useful to them in the future.

Part of the schedule will be devoted to helping the future inspectors develop their own company brand. A local printer can provide several services, such as logo design, that can be useful to any home inspection business just starting out.

The start date for the course has been set as December 3, and it will wind up on December 7. It will be located at 4635 Nautilus Ct. S. in Boulder, and the registration fee is $1,875.