High-speed train proposed through Southern California

October 31, 2018 by  

The California High-Speed Rail Authority board has recently proposed a new route for the bullet train between Burbank and Palmdale, a city close enough to Lancaster that many from this city will want to consider it as fast route into Los Angeles.

The new proposed route is 38 miles long, and compared with other routes, would have the least environmental impact and be the easiest to build. It has five separate tunnels and bridges that run through the San Gabriel Mountains, with several sections running at grade, and follows the 14 Freeway.

The regional director for Southern California of the rail authority, Michelle Boehm, said that this route was selected as it balances the objectives to build the rail line with its effects on the communities and environment around it. At the same time, she added, the route passes through the San Gabriel and Tehachapi mountains, including two tunnel projects that would be among the country’s most ambitious tunneling projects of all time.

The project has been delayed for many years as the rail authority lacks funding for the project, and it is unclear as to what the source funding for the entire project would be.

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